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Tax cost management and tax planning
Tax is an effective tool of cost management. Tax cost is an unavoidable element, the effect of which could be mitigated through application of proper tax planning tools. The undesirable tax cost management hits the bottom line of business enterprises thereby affects the business valuation, EPS and Return on Investment. The effective tax cost management techniques positions an enterprise in a competitive advantage. The indirect taxes, part of cost of an article unknowingly paid by the consumers, enhances the revenue of the government with lesser cost. Direct taxes on the other hand are a cost on profit earned.

Expertise, experience and appropriate interpretation within the defined framework of tax laws optimize effective tax cost management. Sufficient and adequate understanding of the operations of the enterprise, exposure to complexities involved in the process of manufacture, distribution, marketing and end use enhances the optimization process. Knowledge on, government’s development agenda, government spending, budgetary proposals, tax schemes, tax incentives, tax rebates, tax structuring vis-a’-vis geographical positioning of enterprises and tax cost on indigenous development or import of goods improves the tax planning and tax cost management.

Whom we are
The team consists of professionals and experienced executives with rich cross functional experience. Tax consulting professionals must possess and profess adequate understanding not only on tax laws but also in accounting principles cutting across industry. Our team of executives has good command over accounting, accounting standards and expert knowledge in tax laws which enable VXJC to provide an effective tax-cost management.

What VXJC do
Indeed VXJC platform enables the organizations to plan tax impact properly and improve adequately the bottom line by considering tax as a forceful line item and not a passive appropriation of profit. Direct tax mainly Income tax, a tax on profit if appropriately subject to planning well in advance – improves one’s compliance on TDS, TCS and results in reduction of tax dues thus positions the organization in a better platform. Indirect tax namely Goods and Services Tax (GST), (GST – is a new tax legislation merging erstwhile excise duty, service tax, VAT etc.), has tremendous impact on the performance of an industry. Proper tax planning would facilitate the organization to have competitive advantages.

Organizations leveraging on the experience and competence of VXJC positions themselves to an advantageous pedestal over their competitors. VXJC believes in the principle of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Tax law interpretation on the acceptable perspective of all stake holders minimizes the litigation rather avoids, thus in effect saves time and resources of business organization. The appropriate presentation of facts and figures in compliance of laws at the threshold stage itself plays a pivotal role for better acceptance of tax returns and thus to avoid litigations/ complications in the form of appeals, revision etc. and it’s the policy of VXJC to work towards a hassle free tax admin environment, which in turn builds confidence of all stake holders particularly general public.