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Website General Circular No. VXJC - 004/CL/ 02-06-2017

Sub: Audit under Companies Act 2013
Ref: FY-2016-17 (Financial year ended 31st March 2017)

Warm greetings from VXJC

The due date for filing of Audited Financial statements together with audit report and other relevant documents/returns under Companies Act 2013 is nearing and the companies registered under the Companies Act, 2013 (Erstwhile Companies Act, 1956), may take immediate steps to get their accounts audited and file the required documents/reports to the concerned authorities (MCA).

In this connection please note the following important dates/events (*)

SI No Particulars of Meetings/Notices Appropriate/Suggestive Date (or)/(on or Before)
1 Annual General Meeting (AGM) 30-09-2017
2 Notice of AGM 28-08-2017
3 Board Meeting 28-08-2017
4 Notice of Board Meeting 16-08-2017
(*) The date may vary in certain cases depends on date of previous AGM/ incorporation.

Please note that delay in filing may attract fines and penalties under the Companies Act, 2013.
For any clarification/information you may contact our office.

Important Note on Disclaimer
This circular is for the general information purpose only. VXJC is in no way responsible to those persons who act on the basis of contents of this circular. Hence it is advised to refer the relevant official website/original notifications or circulars/statutes/consult a professional before taking a decision. Errors and omissions are expected.