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Accounting is integral to business information system. It starts with collection of data, voucher preparation, recording and communicating in the form of financial statements - includes Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account or Income and Expenditure account, Cash flow statement and information disclosure statement.

Expertise in accounting concepts, principles, accounting standards issued by the regulatory authorities, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), knowledge in various fiscal (tax) and trade laws is a pre-requisite for presenting quality business information acceptable to all stake holders. Leveraging on technology to the maximum extent is the key to provide timely and accurate accounting information.

What we do
We at VXJC help the client to design appropriate accounting system, segregation of responsibilities for effective control and division of job and system implementation, maintenance and supervision of accounting activity. Our dedicated team of accounting professionals offers a quality and timely service on any accounting issue with respect to principles and accounting methods by considering the accounting standards and the applicable tax laws and trade, labour and commerce laws.